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tsukinofaerii ([personal profile] tsukinofaerii) wrote2012-10-10 04:50 pm

[Insert pitiful snuffling noises here]

Soooooo... I'm kind of in need of a beta for my [community profile] cap_ironman bang? :\ I know I shouldn't have put it off so long, but I kind of fail in a thousand ways right now. It's an Ultimates SciFi AU, about 45k~ words. Even just looking it over, pointing out typos/blatant bullshut and whapping it with, "BAD AUTHOR. NO COOKIE" would be a help. I post the 22nd, but I'm traveling the 16-23, so... Kind of fucked, yeah. Someone halp? Pleeeeeease? Muccamukk is a doll and all should praise her name.