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So, Teen Wolf.

Yeah, that happened. I have opinions and thoughts on how to fix the kanima issue and have had my heart torn out repeatedly by what was supposed to be a campy fun terrible teen werewolf drama. GDI.

At least the cast is freaking adorable? Their cuteness makes up for the destruction of my soul that the show is doing. And I can't even feel bad about finding them hot, since they're mostly older than they look.

On that note, this happened (spoiler for recent eps), followed by a metric fuckton of similar things, and then I accidentally ficced. So if anyone wants to beta slightly less than 7k of Demon Stiles, I would appreciate it. SPN knowledge not really needed, since I played fast and loose with the rules.

Teen Wolf is mostly keeping me distracted from work sucking seven different ways. I'm packed full of meetings and stuff that has to be done now now now now, and I'm pretty sure the temporary VP has it out for my boss. She was out of the office on Thursday, and then walked in a half hour late on Friday. Because temp!VP had emailed her a meeting appointment while she was gone for first thing Friday morning, she missed the meeting, got in trouble and then got told she should have filled out a leave request for being a half hour late.

Who the fuck does that?

And next week I have a fricking Basic Training Bootcamp thing for the job I've been doing for almost four years. IDK why they're making me and my boss attend, but it means that our phones are going to be entirely uncovered for the whole day. If anything happens while we're in "bootcamp", we're royally screwed. Fun. :|

Have finally buckled down on Steve/Tony Big Bang. It's haaaaaard. I'm not used to writing SciFi, so it's taking a while to get rolling in it. I'm making myself do a minimum of 1k daily. Eventually I shall find my groove. And it shall be a groovy groove.

Kittens continue growing, as they tend to do. I took some time and a half-dozen boxes to make them a cardboard kitty playhouse. They'd started climbing out of the big plastic tote I'd been keeping them in, and really, it was too small anyway. They didn't have enough room to run and play, but I couldn't risk letting them out when I wasn't home. So now they have about a quarter of the living room to play in, with tunnels, levels, a hammock and all sorts of things that jingle and bounce and sparkle. It has the added advantage of being large enough that Momma Cat is comfortable staying in there most of the time, so the dogs are less likely to be randomly assaulted.

So. My life. (sigh)

Date: 2012-08-06 02:28 pm (UTC)
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I haven't completely caught up with TW yet, but I'm in complete agreement with you about "they weren't supposed to get me this invesssstedddd, damn you and your pretty brown eyes!" I've been reading ALL THE FIC to such an extent that some of the plots are blurring in my head, but that's okay because the sex isn't! :D :D

I feel for your work issues. I'm ... at a loss for words that might help in any way, so have a hug! *SNUGGLE*

Yay kitties! And yay Big Bang! (If you're looking for help with your groove, the [community profile] hd_writers folks are hosting a Word War from the 5th to the 7th, and they really don't even care which fandom you're writing in when you go! All authors welcome! Cheering sections available! Brainstorming encouraged! Go here!)

Date: 2012-08-07 12:03 am (UTC)
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