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So I post here a day late and a dollar short lately. Blame work's new filtering system. (They've blocked off their own Facebook page. I've taken the liberty of pointing this out, but either no one has the authority to fix it or no one knows how.) Highlights of RL, for anyone keeping score:
  • Father attempted Emotional Blackmail to get me to move to Arkansas. I shut him down. We may or may not be talking again, IDK.
  • Mary's health, mental and physical, is Not Good. Not sure what's going on there specifically, but her last stroke had some personality-changing affects. :\
  • In similar vein, Mary is refusing to ditch Richard again. This means she and Papa may be stuck in Chicago forever. :| Fuck.
  • Dogs ate one of the cockatiels. All I found was a pile of slightly bloody feathers. Fortunately, I wasn't very attached, but a Replacement Goldfish is in order. Papa probably won't notice?
  • New phone does well. Battery life is still an issue, but I'm working on that. It hasn't died on me yet at least.
  • Non-eaten pets also do well, though I'm still working on training and getting Georgie off to his new home.

Otherwise, I am reveling in being fic free for the moment. Sure, I have a bunch of stuff in need of editing, pretty soon I'll be started on Echo Bazaar again, and my fingers are already itching for words my brain is too fried to come up with. But for the moment, nothing is due. Wallow wallow wallow.

I'm really happy with how my RBB came out. My artist was amazing and [personal profile] valtyr twisted my arm until it wasn't horrible. The size was painful and the world building tough, but I'm really, really happy with it. (And someone commented on the matriarchy. Eeeee! I wasn't sure how well that came through!) I think I learned a lot about plausibility and getting different character arcs to intersect outside the story, which is something I never really considered before. The stuff I planned out for the Marias, the war, the dragons, Wanda and historic backstory that were only hinted or were dropped completely at could fill books. I keep telling everyone that this is like book two in a trilogy. Maybe some day I'll write the Maria Prior's story. Not sure if I'll write about what comes after though; it's sort of a generational thing, and that would drop square into OC/original territory for the main character.

Now! Freshly stolen from [personal profile] derryderrydown... a meme! My top ten stories on AO3, by hit count. Worth noting, I did a lot of catch-up posting in batches, so sometimes dates are weird.

  1. Engaging the Enemy. 22,800 words, posted on January 6 2011, 17k hits. Holy fuck. I knew this one was popular, but damn. Guess this is what happens when you hit the right trope for the right pairing at the right time.
  2. Without Irony. 29,000 words, posted January 6 2011, 12k hits. Shameless Tony angst in a post-Civil War era brings all the clicks to the yard.
  3. Dying for a Drink. 61,800 words, posted February 2 2010, 8.5k hits. This one surprises me. I know it was relatively popular, but it's fricking Ultimates. When did people start clicking Ultimates?
  4. Per Expectations. 28,700 words, posted September 16 2011, 7.5k hits. Less surprising, this. Tony angsts in technocolor! The sequel! With added porn! (omg never doing first person longfic again, never ever ever, and especially not with porn.)
  5. Bros Before. 8,800 words, posted May 16 2011, 7k hits. Another Ultimates. WTF y'all. Not that I'm complaining, but I remember the days when you couldn't make most of fandom touch Ults for love nor money.
  6. Dazed and Confused. 4,000 words, posted December 24 2011, 6.7k hits. I um... This has to be the Yuletide affect. I mean, okay, it's a cute story, but... In my top ten? IDGI.
  7. Something New. 3,000 words, posted July 3 2011, 6k hits. Okay, I'm going to be honest here. This kind of annoys me. :| The 3k m/m sort of side-piece to a 25k piece of femslash has twice the hits? Grrrrrrrr.
  8. Late Delivery. 6,900 words, posted December 24 2011, 5.7k hits. I'm blaming Yuletide here again. Sure, the fic is cute, but it's not that cute?
  9. Dragon Choices. 15,000 words, posted March 18 2010, 5.5k hits. Apparently Pern is like cheese. It goes good with most everything. Including, it seems, superheroes.
  10. What You Have Tamed. 15,000 words, posted October 25 2009, 4.7k hits. More proof that hurting Tony earns clicks, even though this is seriously not high art. Though in an interesting note, this one beat Billionaire Hooker by 11 hits.

Date: 2012-04-18 04:02 am (UTC)
sunspot: bright pink text on black "in lust we trust" (in lust we trust)
From: [personal profile] sunspot

Even reading about Mary gives me a bit of a headache. :| I hope that works out... eventually. I know it's been in the process of ... working in some direction or another for a long time. Anyway. And sorry about your bird again :| Dogs, right.

Date: 2012-04-19 02:02 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] sunspot
Everyone on my Twitter has been jizzing all over Tomorrow Belongs To Me for the last four or five days. I guess 55k hits indicates I should check it out, huh...

Boo dogs, who likes them anyway.


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