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It's past 4AM, and I've written 31,000 words since last Friday. The inside of my forearms actually ache from typing. (Probably need to find some way to support them better if this is going to keep on.) And the kicker? I only just finished chapter 5.

(collapses in a pile of fail)

This fic is driving me up the wall. I feel like it's only just started, but it's at 31k? (yanks hair) But somehow I've managed three porny scenes.

as;ldkjfg Ignore me, it's the 4AM talking. TL;DR, the fic is an Ultimates Fairy Tale, Steve/Gail/Tony, with a taste of Sleeping Beauty (only a taste) and Thor is Gail's Fairy Godfather. (hand waves) I just finished with the "and now they all go on a trek back to Tony's castle" portion of things. Which had surprisingly more porn than I expected for what's essentially "and then we camped some more".

I'm kind of antsy about characterization. I had to age them down a bit, and without WWII Ult Steve is... IDK, "softer" isn't the right term, but less driven? He doesn't have that edge that Ult Steve usually does, and I'm not sure if it's me or him or if it's even a problem. I like him slightly blushy and still all new. I almost get the feeling that I'm adapting him off of Girl!Steve, who was adapted off of Ult!Steve, and that just gives me all sorts of headaches trying to think my way through.

Gail's characterization is... Um. Well, she's practically an OC if I'm going to be honest. I tried to stick close to her canon characterization, but she doesn't really get much. :\ So I'm having to fill in a lot of blanks. Mostly with porn. Which I can't say I blame her. She landed Steve. He's incredibly pornable. Hopefully I can flesh her out a little more than "likes to boink Steve" after they settle in.

And at some point or another, I must have decided to toss out classic fairytale conventions on the ~importance of virginity~, because I'm fairly certain Steve is the only character who starts the story as a virgin, and it lasts exactly to the opening of chapter one, at which point Gail thoroughly deflowers him. No eyebrows seem excessively raised over it, other than that Gail has a ridiculously high sex drive and seems to think potential orgasms outweigh possibly being caught with Steve's pants down.

Next chapter, they should be Arriving at Tony's Castle. This was supposed to happen two chapters earlier. (facepalm) Because I have no creativity, his kingdom is named Stark. Maybe if I try really hard, I can move the threesome forward.

And now, because I'm dead exhausted and my chat is full of enablers, an excerpt:
"Hold, mortal!"

Tony grimaced, then slowly stepped back. Damn it. I should have known. As if a cursed place like this wouldn't have some sort of guardian. Hands up to show he was unarmed, Tony turned around. "Holding!"

The guardian of the tower was a fairy, by the most strict of definitions. His ears were pointed and he had wings. But Tony had never seen a fairy like him—most of the ones he'd met were pixies, which tended to be on the small, slender side of things, relying on magic rather than brawn. This one was massive. His muscles had muscles, and all of them rippled threateningly.

He licked his lips nervously. In addition to being gigantic and threatening, the fairy was also completely naked and built like some sort of god. Probably a fertility god, but maybe a god of battle. Inevitably, Tony's eyes dragged downward. "Nice hammer."
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