Jul. 1st, 2012

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So. My part of the world hit over 100 degrees this weekend. And I have no working central air, just a underpowered window unit in the living room. So guess who slept in the living room last night? And spent today sprawled on the couch trying not to move? This person! I managed to get enough laundry and chores done to survive the week, but since most everything requires venturing into the rest of the house (which is best described as "oven-like", even with windows open) the counters will just have to stay unwashed.

On Friday I went and saw Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter for cousin's birthday. It was surprisingly good! Kind of cracky, but Abe/Mary Todd are now an OTP. I am considering writing a short fic where Mary learns Vampire Hunting after the whole thing at Ford's Theater (vague for the spoilerphobic :P) and then goes on to kick dramatic amounts of undead ass.

Saturday was dinner with cousin + cousin's friends, and then a bar. I had fun! Not as much fun as I would have with fangirls, but it wasn't bad. Ended up abandoning semi-early because sitting around not drinking as much as I'd like (because driving), and getting drunk with not-fangirls isn't the same. So came home, died on sofa, didn't get up until 2PM because someone called on the phone. Not that I answered, but it was Noise. D: Even the dogs, who are usually reliable when it comes to waking me up, were pretty much like "Fuck it, it's hot". And then Sunday happened.

None of which is really the important news. Last week my cat spawned! On my lap. :| Again. But there are four healthy babies, two brown and two white. Squeaky babies, which kept me awake all damned week last week. :| Only I and Zena (my doggy) are allowed near them; their Momma tries to eat anyone else. But now they're quieter, thank goodness. I keep an eye on them to make sure the heat isn't getting to be too much, but they seem fine.

There are photos, but they're on my phone and it's more than my life is worth to get up and go get them right now.

I meant to write fic. I owe [personal profile] waterofthemoon birthday fic, and also there is Fun Thor Fic which I still am enjoying poking at. Just, you know, my brains only need a little seasoning and a garnish to make a delicacy in some of the more unique restaurants around. What sort of garnish do you think Faerii Brains needs? Parsley? Maybe mint? I like mint.


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