Jun. 10th, 2012

tsukinofaerii: Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon growling (Grrrrr)
And I was having such a nice Sunday. (sigh) Making this quick because typing without my right ring finger is surprisingly awkward. So TL;DR version, we think we know how Richard got in: a locksmith, Literally that's the only way. So I pulled out a marker and wrote a big old DO NOT CUT KEY sign on the piece of wood blocking the window Richard busted, in the process getting myself stung by a wasp on the currently not-in-use ring finger. Also finally got a cop out to talk to me about Richard breaking in on Wednesday only to be told lol, nothing they can do because omg what if I left the house unlocked and well he didn't STEAL anything and blah blah fucking blah. Same thing goes for the stolen vehicle Richard is making use of. "He had access to the keys!" Because "HE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DRIVING IT" has no weight, I guess. :| They're refusing to do anything there, too. The only thing that came out of this mess was an official No Trespassing Warning given to Richard, which apparently no one had done on the previous FOUR CALLS. :| :| :|

So yeah. That was my "peaceful" Sunday. (sigh) 500 words of EBZ fic, a swollen wasp-stung finger and Richard got a stern talking to. GDI. Barricading the doors tonight. Funtimes.


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