Apr. 24th, 2012


Apr. 24th, 2012 09:15 pm
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You know what I need? a dragons icon. How do I not have one? This is ridiculous. I should have dragons.

TL;DR on my life, I am suffering. And not elegantly, like a romance novel heroine wasting away because her beloved is off somewhere not making calf's eyes at her. More like the huddled needlessly under a blanket doing nothing useful while glaring balefully out at the world, unable to do more than browse mindlessly through the internet and answer help calls at work. Also mindlessly, because that's what help calls usually are. This is because I have a toothache. A nasty, horrible no-good toothache that only two Aleve seems to touch (sending one in alone only makes the pain laugh and then flush Aleve's head down the toilet), and even then only for about 3 hours. Which means most of the time I'm sort of left floating along because I don't like taking pills and don't want to over do it on accident. (Not being anti-meds, I just am really personally weird about them when it comes to taking them myself. The "possible side-effects" list freaks me out, so I tend to weigh those heavily against the perceived benefits. If I didn't have to sleep enough to be functional for work, I'd just swish whiskey in my mouth and wait it out.)

So I am a sad, pitiful shell of a Faerii. :(

Anyway, last night while waiting for pain to stop I finished Crucible of Gold, the latest Temeraire novel by Naomi Novik. (clutches it) It was excellent. I do have some complaints about how she didn't weave in some plot points quite well enough; there's a couple of things that we really should have been reminded of periodically that kept falling off the radar, so when they finally became important I'd thought the situation was long past. Then there's the whole back and forth and back and forth on Laurence's status. The man is a sea-saw. But the angst has fallen off dramatically, the story was fun, and it looks like she's starting to tie in stuff from the previous novels to wrap it all up in a few books. (I remember somewhere that she has a set plan? So yeah.) Roland is starting to come into her own, and the relationship between her and Demane is starting to get complicated in that glorious way teenagers have of simultaneously over- and under-thinking things. And we get a bit of a fandom goodie when (highlight for spoilers) Granby comes out as gay! Half of my ship has been assembled, woohoo!

Good book, can't wait for the next one. Now, on to the next in the To Read pile!

Or writing. I could write. I think. :\ I have one I need to have done before next week

Aaaaaaargh. I need a puppy pile right now. :( And also more alcohol than is advisable on a work night. Boo.


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