Mar. 7th, 2012

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It took me 20k to turn this fic into a shameless excuse for porn. According to my plan, by this scene they were supposed to be wrapping up the plot. Instead, they're just getting started.

:| Not amusing, self. Not amusing at all.

This is mostly just whining about how I'm incapable of planning my fics out in any way that resembles the outcome. I really do like the story I'm writing*, my artist is fantastic, and I'm not yet crunched for time. World-building on this level makes me yank my hair out in frustration (the number of times I've gone back and removed something because it exposed a world-building-based twist too soon is astounding; I lose about 200 words a day to that), but it's fun and keeps me thinking. And guessing. OMG the guessing. I can only be grateful that the house is empty because I'm pretty sure that nearly-30 or not the cries of "FUCK YOU TONY STARK, THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN AFTER NOT BEFORE" and "GDI STEVE WHEN DID YOU BECOME MR. INFO DUMP?!" would get my mouth washed out.

With luck, I will have this finished by the time I go back to work. Without luck, it'll keep expanding into some formless blob that would be fic one day. Just in case, I have a sweatband ready.

Maybe I should just cram less into my fics? If I didn't have so many A-plots, they wouldn't need to be so big!

.... LOL, no.

*At the moment. This will almost definitely change once we get past the current scene and I have to come up with WTF happens between now and the plot point that suddenly got shifted back 10k or so. I blame Tony.


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