Feb. 4th, 2012

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So, that productivity thing? A sham. A complete and utter sham. It's all [personal profile] valtyr's fault. She held my hand and made words happen, and incidentally informed me that front doors open into hallways over there. Clearly it is a topsy-turvy world across the Atlantic, where cookies are biscuits and people don't hide behind their sofas when the door to door Evagnelizers come.


In addition to Hallways!, I'm learning more about church services than I ever really wanted. The things I do in the name of tail-porn. (sigh) I'm growing incredibly fond of the EBZ versions of Tony, Steve and Rhodey, though. Aunt May, too, but that's a whole 'nother plot line. A terrible one at that. D:

On the homefront, I don't think I made a post about this, but Mary was hospitalized with a stroke last week. She's fine; the doctors say she'll make a full recovery, but she's been having a lot of little strokes and they're keeping her at the VA (Veteran's Association) Hospital until they figure out why she's having teeny strokes. Papa is doing okay, I hear; grumpy about being up north instead of down here with me, but he'll survive.

Cleaning of the house proceeds well. I've got laundry room, back hallway (HA!), bathroom, kitchen and now dining room done. Only places left are the living room, master bedroom & master bathroom, the sewing room (which is really a second den slash storage area slash guest bedroom) and the guest bedroom. I may try to tackle the master bed & bath tomorrow. Maybe not. I washed/groomed/flea treated dogs today and am tired. D: Also, one of my bad teeth is flaring up again. :\ Not too bad, but chewing without ouching is awkward. Can't wait until my mom comes down for a visit; it'll be my only chance to hit up a dentist while there's someone to drive me home. (TL;DR, Novocaine doesn't work well on me for reasons only the gods know, so whenever I go in for work the dentist has to drug me to the gills or else I can feel everything. Which, needless to say, means I'm not capable of driving myself home afterward.)

So, um, that was my week? Wow, I have no life. Maybe I should just get back to writing horrible Victorian-esque prose. Or I could catch a movie. Then again, my last venture into the outside world resulted in a creeper keeping me pinned in my car for five minutes while I tried to un-park. Isolation has advantages.


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