Oct. 29th, 2010

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I decided not to wear a costume to work today. Why? Because everyone is gone. I have seen three people from my actual department. There may have also been laziness (I didn't want to get up early) and weather (it was cold this morning, and my costume is mostly gauze for the skirt D: ). I will have to dress up for Halloween and go... IDK. Somewhere. Movies, maybe? I want to see Red.

I will post a WinCon report. I will I will I will. Ya'all need to hound me about that. D:

Today, I received monies from work! I must not get too used to it though. From here until February/March, I will be coming in a week short every month (3 week paychecks rather than 4) because of the way the pay schedule falls. It happens every year, and every year it blows. (sigh) I do not even get an annual bonus to help pad the lean times, because the people who negotiated things (faculty) traded bonuses for having the holidays off. I should note that the weird gaps in my paycheck don't affect them. They're salaried; they get paid the same each month regardless of whether they work 3 or 4 weeks. And so, the time of scrimping is at hand. Any money over and above my monthly bills is getting stashed into savings. Hopefully, that, combined with tight budgeting for gifts, will help me get through.

Note to self: Open up a new Holiday Card post. There are people on DW who need them!

In more news of the Random (I'm babbling, I admit it :P) I finally got the rough done on my RBB.
Now, I just need to go at it with a machete. That is always much easier said than done. But it's due on the 3rd, so I need to buckle. (tightens belt)

For NaNo, this weekend will be dedicated to figuring out WTF I'm doing. This will involve rereading the fic and taking notes; I remember most of the threads I left hanging and what I planned to do with them, but I don't remember details of specific minor characters. There may be flowcharts. I'm thinking of including a Xanatos Gambit, with optional upgrade to Xanatos Roulette if I can. Avoiding a Thirty Xanatos Pile Up if I can, because... ouch. Not enough flowcharts in the world if Erzabet, Celicia, Fury, Tony and Steve all decide to pitch in to complicate things.

Yes, I did just destroy your plans for the weekend. :D Enjoy TvTropes. Mwahaha.


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