Sep. 14th, 2010

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This morning when I walked into the office, I was greeted by a package of tampons, shampoo and heartburn medication. Okay then.

This weekend was a good one! Papa came home!


Also, a cousin moved back in. Her boyfriend got a really good job opportunity a few cities away, and so she's staying with us until she can find a job in that area. Smart Girl is not moving without a source of money securely in hand. Knowing this cousin, this is likely her single smart choice of the year, so I applaud it extra hard. The downside of this is that I do not yet know if this will mean an extra set of hands, an extra person to make messes, or simply a neutral zone if she cleans up after herself but does nothing else. She hasn't been at home in years, so who knows.

I do know that the bathroom has been taken over by four different types of moisturizer (hand, foot, face and body), a straightening iron, a blow dryer, astringents, gels, toners, "bronzing creams"... @_@ Learning to share a bathroom in the morning again is annoying, but somehow resisting the urge to ask how much all the junk costs is more so. This is someone who has notorious difficulty paying her share of her car insurance, which is on her mother's policy. And she also has trouble with gigantic cell phone bills. But she is buying Estee Lauder facial creams? And the refrigerator is now stocked with food that worries me. Real butter-flavored not!butter! Soy Milk Substitutes. Protein shakes. Low/No calorie everything. I mean, how many chemicals can someone put into their body in the name of health?! (Okay, I have been informed that Soy is actually food, but still.) I am all for healthy eating, but it seems really silly to me to spend double on a product that claims to be healthy because most of the ingredients can't be digested by humans. Instead of buying not!butter, why not just... you know, not eat much butter?

On the other hand, she functions as an excellent example of how health and happiness cannot be purchased, and beauty has more to do with who you are than what the name on your moisturizer is. And she will force me to start exercising again, which is something I've slacked on since Papa went into the hospital.

Finally... A meme! I cannot do fills (at work), but it should be spread around, yes/yes?

The Avengers Kink Meme


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