Mar. 4th, 2010

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Tomorrow is my last day before spring break! (collapses) Thank goodness. I desperately need to adjust my sleeping habits, and that will be a good place to start. I've been utterly exhausted lately, and I can only attribute it to my habit of getting four-five hours of sleep a night. If you are used to me being available Monday-Friday online, be aware that my schedule is going to be perma-Saturday for a week. I have gtalk on my phone, however, so feel free to poke me there if you like.

Girl!Steve moseys along at 30k. I have revisions that I'm going to make before it's done (much of the reverse pre-plot will have to be cut/condensed, damn it), but my very next scene is due to be Cap Specials and shiny, and then the wrap up. Gail/Stevie is continuing to make me sniffle and cry, however. It's a good thing that's done with. I had to fix my mascara yesterday because of that. *sigh*

I have purchased my spot at [ profile] wincon! I still have plane tickets to purchase and hotel accommodations to consider. (Seriously, everyone, this year can we get this done early? It's nerve wracking.) Expect a post on that later, which will mostly be urging those of you who are not WinConners to look around and come geek out with us. I would say that we don't bite, but honestly, I think the only reason I came away without hickeys is sheer bad luck and wasted Patrone. Not making that mistake again.

Okay, enough srs bsns.
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