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Mar. 2nd, 2010 01:12 pm
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Stolen from many, many people, and done because I'm procrastinating. Many of these may never be finished. At least two of them will. One is up for beta, should anyone be interested. (The last.)
Post a sentence (or two or a paragraph) from as many of your WIPs as you want with no explanation attached.
  1. Steve put his hands on Tony's shoulders and took a step back. He had a mission, and he couldn't let a fantasy derail it. "I need your password to the Extremis, Tony. It's urgent."

    One dark eyebrow lifted mockingly. Tony didn't move away from him, but he didn't try to re-close the distance either. "It'll cost you a kiss."

    "Stop playing games. It's your life!"

    "You say that like it's worth something." The smile didn't change, but suddenly Steve didn't find it as charming anymore. Tony looked up at him through his girlishly thick lashes, without a hint of shame. "We both know what I'm good for: a good party and a good fuck. You might as well take 'em while they last, or someone else will."

  2. Going by Stark's expression, apparently not. "It's a formal event, Rogers. Do you know what everyone thinks about a woman who arrives alone at a formal event?" Silently Steve shook his head. "That she won't be leaving alone. Go shower."

    One more protest had to be made. "You don't even like me."

    Stark turned her back on him and started yanking him along again, like a poorly trained puppy. This time he let himself be dragged. "I didn't like my original date, either. You'll do."

  3. One minute. Two minutes. At the two-minutes, seventeen-seconds mark, the door to her room flew open. Someone rushed in, wearing the same strangely patterned loose pants and shirt that she'd assumed were the nurse's clothes, but it was clearly a man. Maybe it was a general uniform for hospital workers.

    A general uniform with red, devil-horned ducks on it.

    Nazis really were crazy.

  4. Steve's lecture faded off mid-sentence, eyes crossing. Jan gave them both a startled, then calculating look. Tony waved at her to make good her escape. She did so, sports towel snapping in her wake, but not without a few backwards glances. The rub continued until she was well out of sight. By then, Steve's eyes had closed. It was debatable whether or not he had even noticed her exit.

  5. The little conversations that had been going on in the background stop with the suddenness of a guillotine dropping. Even the ones in back who had been pointedly not looking at me—Pepper the redhead woman and James Barnes and Fuck fuck fuck Steve oh my god Steve

    INTERNAL SYSTEMS ERROR. This operation has caused a fatal system malfunction and will be terminated.

    —and the two in American colors—go silent.

  6. Everyone knows they don't eat people, Saora reassured himself, setting his work neatly in a pile. Let everyone else gawk at the rider. He wanted to see the dragon.
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