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Yesterday, in case anyone missed it, [personal profile] deviouslint and [profile] lupus_dragon signed the paperwork to get themselves domestically partnered. In honor of the occasion, a fanmix. A country fanmix. :P

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EEPS! I thought I set this to visible yesterday when I posted it. (facepalm)

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Last call for cards. I am doing all of my holiday buying this week or weekend and getting the pain over with, so if you want a card, let me know please.
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Fic Exchange Fic proceeds slowly. So slowly. I got it planned out yesterday. [personal profile] valtyr sucks lollipops. She knows why. If all goes according to plan, I shall be hated across the interwebs. Or at least in [community profile] cap_ironman. ¬.¬ I will probably post about it under lock and key.

Finally, a question for the internet in general. Regarding FSTs, what are the thoughts on including two songs from the same artist? Not something like, "Evanescence, Evanescence, MCR, Linkin Park, MCR", but just one set where you honestly can't decide which to keep. I am weird in that I find specific artists I like and glom on, and then rarely look around for others. So my music selections are not well varied at all.

Specifically, I'm trying to decide between It's Not My Time and Live For Today by 3DoorsDown for an Ult Tony mix. So, thoughts? Or you all can pick one. *g*


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