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Okay, that's out of the way. I am tired and extremely cranky right now, but I want to focus on the positive. Like the bunch of Robin Hood (Men In Tights) gifs I just skimmed off the internet. And also, this example of a kickass Aunt May. It totally explains why 616 and 1610 are split into separate universes. If they'd put Gail and May into the same continuity, they would climb out of the pages and take over the world with awesome.

I have a freakish urge to put Stevie onto a motorcycle. There's a gorgeous visual in my head of her taking a tight turn with her knee nearly scraping pavement, and no helmet so half-grown hair is all over and dirt smudges from a fight and... guh. Muscles. Trick riding. Leather (flail) I am so shallow. I'd also like to have Tony ride behind her, but I'm pretty sure that would be a convenient method of Tony-murder. He would be drooling. I've never even owned a motorcycle, and the idea of moving that fast without any significant protection scares me. D: WTF self.

Hmm. I really need to make a mod icon. :\ (lazy)

To cheerlead and beta, or no? I typically don't open myself up for beta work. It's just taxing, and different authors have different standards, and I admit that grammar/spelling are not my strong points. I will completely miss common misspellings or typos, and with grammar I can usually say "this sounds wrong" but I can't say why. (hands) IDK. I shall think on it.

One of these days, I am going to give DW monies.

(bounces and stares at bank account) Come on! Give me monies! I need to buy my plane tickets before it goes up any more! (bounce bounce flail)

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This morning, I fell out of bed (I missed the bedside table! \o/), turned on my phone and oozed to the kitchen for coffee while it did its thing. After coffee had been obtained, what did my phone tell me via e-mail?

Tongue of Serpents, the next part of the Temeraire series, came out in stores today! Woohoo!
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This is a good week for books. On Sunday, I picked up Red Hood's Revenge by [livejournal.com profile] jimhines, another book I've been kicking over the traces for. This is book three of his Princess series, and it's so good that I was already mourning the end at chapter 8.
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In other, less essay-like news, I started poking at Girl Steve, intending to just write a short story and get it out of my system. Well, I have the short story I wanted, but it doesn't feel like it wants to be short. D: It ends, and it's a good ending, but it feels like it wants to go on. Like... It has a "Chapter 1" feel to it. Pretty sure Valtyr is to blame, somehow. Somehow, I have the feeling that I am going to write an Ults story that revolves around pretty dresses. Yeah, IDGI either.

But, speaking of writing, did anyone see this secret today? Show of hands for who saw it and didn't immediately think of using emoticons and symbols in a story. (looks around) Yeah, I thought so.

So... If anyone wants me, I'll be at my computer, making Tony ♥ and Steve ♥, while everyone else says :O. And possibly also eating something.
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Valtyr and I have the weirdest and yet most awesome conversations.
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That's a bad question for me. I don't WiP as a rule. So perhaps I should say "to abandon or not to abandon". Or to put off to write a new story. I have lots of stories bouncing in my head that need kicking around. Right now, I'm really focused on finishing my bangs. Erm, okay, that's a lie. I should be focused. Instead I'm procrastinating. But still! There will be life after May, and writing will happen, I swear. >:[ SO. I need to think about what will spew onto the page.

This is mostly me pouring my brain onto the page. Don't mind me! :D
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That ends it for actual WiPs. I had less than I thought. Now, for VALTYR (Variously Acquired Literary Thoughts Yukking Randomly). None of these have words attached to them yet, but they are floating around my brain. PH3AR.
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Excellent. (checks that post off her list) Now I can reference back to this, remember my Bangs, and re-focus. Supposedly. >.>; I also need to round up my comment fics and put them in the relevant comms. Whoops. (lazy)

Hey, why is my Valtyr tag weird? oO
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You know, I had a topic this morning. I really, honestly and truly did. (headdesk) So sleepy....

Comment if you want on my WinCon 09 filter. If I make a WinCon 09 filter. The need for a filter is still very much up on the air depending on how much I babble. As yesterday's firestorm of ETAs proves, I cam babble. Especially moments like now when I have to be awake and coherent for work reasons but don't really have the brainpower available to add "sane" onto that.

This icon makes me wibble. /random

Yes. Yes I desperately want a SPN/Avengers massive crossover fic like burning.


Actually, that's totally not all. We all know Blue Soaring rocked out with the Iron Man/Winchester fic like whoa. And I fell in love. Now I just sort of have this burning need to add Steve to the mix somehow. And a kitten. Because I love kittens.

I mean, Dudes, the Winchesters are dealing with... Ahem. All the stuff they are dealing with. (dodges spoilers) You can't tell me that it's impossible that something could come up and take them to New York. From there, it's a matter of coincidence and bad guys, right? I'm thinking something that works both their angles. A supervillain (this is a requirement) who uses magic would not be new. Demons? Demons are always fun. Or (!!!) the Avengers are dealing with something freaky (we'll say demon) and Tony had past dealings with John of the type John used to have with all sorts of people. Favors owed, consulting done, etc etc. Maybe Tony's parents died as part of a curse and John was "a specialist" who helped handle the problem. Anyways, when faced with something that they can only understand using a lot of "WTF" and "DAMN IT" phrases, Tony calls in some assistance, because He Hates Magic and Dr. Strange is... off somewhere. Or he could he scratching his head too. Something. Meanwhile, on the Sam&Dean angle, whatever's going on in New York has a tie-in with a case they just "solved" for a given amount of "solved", so they go check it out.

I have no idea what the plot is to this, but I want it anyway. And tie it in so it's a CW fix-it too. That's the ticket!

Gods, I need more coffee. OH. That reminds me. I need ideas for this year's WinCon Chat goodie bags. Candy is a foregone conclusion. As are paperclips. (I WEAR ONE THANK YOU. DO YOU?) There will also be salt, and this year I have time to make sure it's done in a way that's nicer. (Yes, I still have a large bag of salt in the driver-side doorwell of my car. It makes me feel better. STFU.) I also have another idea, but I'm going to be hushy hushy about that because I want to surprise people. :x Other ideas?

ETA: BRB Reading All That Remains again. Sam&Dean think they had a messed-up childhood. HA.

ETA I SWEAR THIS IS THE LAST ONE: Sam totally needs to be a hero/villain called "Antichrist". Because that would rock on so many crack-filled levels, I don't even know where to begin.
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I've decided that keeping a bunny hutch is good therapy for the muse. The idea gets written down somewhere so it stops bugging me when I'm doing something else. Maybe someone else will come along and claim it for their own, so I get to see it come to life without having to write it. Alternately, if I ever do run out of WiPs (heaven forbid), they're all in a nice tidy row waiting to be written. I can't lose!

This particular bunny is J2. Jared is (very) drunk and wandering around online when he stumbles across one of those random LJ communities that cater to Supernatural RP fic. It's a little creepy, but what the hell, he's drunk. He can always blame it on the Jägger bomb. So he looks around the community some (not in the shipper fic, because that would just be weird) and ends up finding a fic challenge. Two fics of the same story from two different PoVs. At this point, he has a Genius Idea. Okay, so it's one of those Genius Ideas that seem less Genius in the morning, but at the time it seems awesome.

He makes an LJ under a random name.

He joins the community, which is open.

And he writes for the challenge.

It's not a masterpiece. For one, he's drunk, and that can never be emphasized enough. For two, he's an actor, not a writer. But he decided to do one of those "a day in the life of" stories that a lot of beginners do. He just picks a day last week that seemed interesting and writes what he remembers of it. Then he writes the same thing from Jensen's PoV, because he was there for pretty much all of it and that makes it easy. The plan is to submit the stories, then sit back while the fangirls scream that they're completely out of character and "they'd never say that". He'll have another "those wacky fangirls" story and a "one time I was drunk" story, all in one shot. It' fool-proof, right?

Yes, that is a stupid question.

He wakes up at the keyboard the next day and discovers three things. 1) He'd finished the stories. 2) His grammar blows when he's wasted. 3) Jensen found the stories. No, he won't ever live this down. There is a fourth thing, but "oh god pain" isn't really news.

After going around about it a bit (and popping some aspirin) Jensen prods him into cleaning up the stories and submitting them. He wrote them after all. Might as well, right? So he does, and the comments start rolling in. They all seem to have one thing in common.


Naturally, both of our boys are confused. They weren't slash fic—actually, they were practically a recitation of last Wednesday, with some filler thrown in when things got boring or Jared couldn't remember. I've no idea where the bunny goes from here, but the logical thing is to have the boys actually take a look at their friendship and realize that they are practically married. Then, of course, matters progress. :D
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(yawwwwwwn) One part left to the drabble series (in other words, part XII posted!). I'll post that tomorrow, along with a comprehensive blurb/guide thingy. (Man, am I coherent, or am I coherent?) I should have plenty of time. The rest of the family's headed out of town for a cousin's bodybuilding thingy and I'm staying home to take care of Papa and the pets. I might even get a chance to clean the house a bit! (It's very, very sad that "omg I can move the furniture and vacuum!" is a cause for celebration, isn't it? What am I, June Cleaver?)

Save to PDF is so much love. Just putting that out there. (shamelessly saves fics for offline perusal) It's even more love because it preserves comments, and I am discovering that the comments may be an integral part to enjoying Tony/Steve fic.

Aaaaaand... Daisy chains (not that sort) are hard. D: I'd never made one as a kid, but our fallow pasture is literally covered in daisies and I had an urge yesterday. The neighbor's hard is pretty much the same; it's white with little hints of green underneath. Incredibly awesome. I'm not even sure I did it right, but I managed about five or six inches before I ran out of daisies and had to make Papa's dinner anyway. Maybe I'll use some of my free time this weekend to make a whole crown! (Okay, so I'll probably spend it yelling obscenities at the DDR voice over until my knee/voice gives out, but a crown is a possibility?)

I need a fic where a AU!CW Steve where Tony died falls through a hole in reality and lands in canon!CW Tony's lap. Just sayin'. (uses her wrist cushion as a pillow)

OH! PADDLETEAM V. GREEN THUMB DUO. I MISSED YOU. And gods I feel old now. D: That started in 2001 for gods' sakes! On Yahoo!Groups. I hadn't even graduated high school. Round Robins are such a blast, though, and that one was really a no holds barred sort of robin. :x I really, really shouldn't catch up on that at work, because pretty much all I remember is that the term "An Orgy Of Duos" is relevant, but gods was it crack. And it might start up again! WHEE.
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Obligatory spam. Part 11, yeah! Almost posted! :D

I just spent an hour desperately recovering files on my flash drive. D: Damn you delete key! (shakes fist) Luckily, nothing important was lost. Whew! That was horrifically close.

Today's post is a plot bunny and yet... not a plot bunny. Maybe a style bunny? IDK. I'm using SPN as an example because that was what spawned it and it would really be the most logical place for this type of story. I'm sure it could probably be done in damn near any fandom though.
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See what I mean about it being a type? There's definitely a formula, but you could do it with almost any fic and drastically different results. Two genres for the price of one! PWP? Check, and could spawn a much longer work. Romance? Goes great with humor, but apply angst as needed. (A Dean/Castiel fic in a Dean/Sam 'verse, for example). Entirely AU? That's practically canon (What Is And Never Should Be). For more fun, J2 RPS living out a SPN fic. ("DEMONS?! Jared, there are DEMONS." "I know, I— just grab the salt, will you?")

For other series, I am positive that Marvel!Verse has fanfic writers. :D Probably so does anything where the characters are famous, and in some you could still tweak it so the story was written by a secret!fangirl. Naminé in Kingdom Hearts, for example, could shamelessly write the Organization into all sorts of things, and I can't think of a reason for her abilities with art not to carry over to words.

This spawned a few days ago on [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets while replying to an SPN secrets. I had a lovely idea for a fic where the boys are being forced to live out a Wincest fic, and they are our canon boys (which is to say, they're very D: about the matter). But then I started applying it to all sorts of things as the logical extension of "what would the characters think of this".

And then my head esplodeded.

Okay, I think I'm done with the random brain-spasms of wtf-ery. I hope, at least. I wish I knew how my mind is working these days. o.O;

ETA: I didn't realize this needed an lj-cut so badly! D: Sorry guys!
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La dee da, getting tired of seeing a formula in my LJ, so I'm going to try and include (gasp) something to read! Oh, And a link. :3

I have fanfic needs. Needs which shall remain unfilled, because I have too much in progress. ¬o¬ Buggery. :( The needs are as follows:

1) Vampire!Steve (Avengers). Why? Because the Super Soldier serum is too fun a bit of phlebotinum not to play with. I suppose Tony's nanotech could cause the same thing in him, but Tony has the tall, dark and angsty cliché going for him a little too well already. Besides, Steve Rogers with fangs? Oh, yum. (And ah, hell, I just TV Troped to spell that. BRB, my browser has taken over.)

2) Crossovers. Just... crossovers. I love them far too much. Especially anything that requires the combination of the syllables "juu", "sen" and "kyou" into a single word, because there is never anything unfunny about turning into a duck.

3) Gender-swapped Bobby (SPN). Most kickass granny ever since Granny Weatherwax, yes/yes?

4) Speaking of gender-bender fic, I need to inflict menstrual agony on a man. Any man, but the more manly the better.

4a) Male post-partum depression would be fun too, for equally vindictive reasons.

ETA: If no one noticed, this is a "REC ME SOMETHING PLZ" cry for attention. Just fyi. :D Especially you, SPN fandom. I have great faith that there is an SPN collarary of Rule 34. ("If you can think of it, SPN has a fanfic for it.")


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