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tsukinofaerii: Whosoever findeth this hammer, if she be hot, shall wield the power of the gnarly Thor (Whosoevereth findeth this hammer)

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Created on 2009-10-28 14:52:18 (#454005), last updated 2014-02-17 (187 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Feb 17
Website:Me @ A03
I'm an old-enough-to-drink-young-enough-to-know-better fangirl in northern Florida, who is (against her will) more from Phoenix, Arizona, than anything else. (My birthday is visible - beyond that, you don't need to know the actual year. If you pay attention, you'll figure it out.) I always welcome new friends, but I'm not very good at keeping up with them. I am the lurker on your page, the stalker of your fiction and the secretly jealous admirer of your art. If that doesn't creep you out, feel free to friend me. Even then, I may lurk.

Within these pages you'll find boys, boys, boys and (omg!) occasionally a girl. I'm an unrepenetant lover of yaoi/slash/shounen ai, though I don't mind the occasionally het or yuri/femmeslash/shoujo ai. I roam Fandom freely, having started in Bisjhoujo Senshi Sailormoon and evolved from there. At any given time I may be following anything from the Labrynth to Ranma ½, though Harry Potter and Kindom Hearts have held my attention far longer than most series. My latest fandom is Marvel Comics. Yeah, it's weird for me too. Comedy, Romance, Drama, Smut... I'll read almost anything that's well-written. This makes me picky. XD I dabble in graphics of all sorts, and have been known to do the odd bit of fanart, though it's rarely posted. I am known to post a lot of about my writing, and you may be in for quite a bit of whining from me. You'll also occasionally find long rambles on various non-sensical or political/religious/sensitive subjects. (Example: if Roxas is locked inside Sora, what does he do when Sora and Riku are making out? alt example: Abortion: Pro-Choice.) I don't back down from topics, and I long ago figured out that if something's taboo I want a damned good reason for it before I'll go along with the crowd. This means that I'm quite happy to deal with any subject I'm hit with, and may well do so vocally and at length. Consider yourself warned.

For more personal information, Japanese is my shaky second language, but I'm so rusty I creak, and I am not literate in that language. I can piece out hiragana and katakana, but I only know 600 kanji. I also play the violin, though I haven't touched it in years, and I fence. (sigh) Which makes any movie involving swords painful for me to watch. I am the proud owner of a dog (Shih Tzu, named Zena), two cats (unknown, named Duzie and Set) and a horse (buckskin running Quarter Horse, named Lady, registered name Imprint of Silence). That's only my pets. I currently live with my grandpa and various other relatives for personal reasons, and the total animal count of the household comes to nine dogs, two cats and two horses. My parents and brother are alive and well in Arkansas, with two nephews. My extended family on both sides is vast and varied, so I won't go into that here. My current job is as a Help Desk person, which neither has benefits nor is high-paying, but it keeps bills paid and is work in an area with a terrible job market.

That's about it as far as that goes. If you're still terribly interested in me for some reason, go ahead and dig around in my journal. It existed for a long time before I really cared about it (and I was around LJ lo~ong before this journal existed - I'm such a lurker), so the earlier entries are pretty dull, but I hope you enjoy yourself nonetheless.

I'm relatively laid-back. That being said, I need to lay down some rules. Mostly because I feel like having something laid down somewhere will make me feel better when/if I have to ban someone. Break them seriously and you're blocked.
  1. Be polite when you can. If you disagree with something or someone, say so, but keep it civil. Debate, don't argue. That being said, I'm extremely tolerant when to comes to schooling offensive people harshly. (Seriously, don't try to pull the Tone Argument. I'm a lot more likely to sit back and let you have your ass handed to you if you do.)
  2. Ask before you snag. I'll usually be fine with spreading my stuff around, but it's polite to let me know first. I might have a reason for keeping it close to my chest.
  3. Credit. If you snag, credit whoever deserves it, whether it's me or someone I snagged from. This keeps the happy spreading around.
  4. If you're here to convert or push for a religion, political party, ethic, etc, you can go away now and save yourself some time.
  5. Requests and ideas welcome, but unless you endear yourself to me greatly, I seldom make promises. I'm a slow writer, and I frequently just have too much on my plate.
  6. Constructive Criticism is not only welcome, it's cherished.
  7. I promise that I will never throw up a fuss about someone friending me randomly.
  8. Lurkers welcome.
  9. If you want to be friended back, please talk to me! Strike up a conversation. I promise I only bite in a friendly way.
  10. If you feel I no longer belong on your circle, feel free to remove me. I promise I won't hold it against you.
  11. Anything which is sexually explicit is marked and locked, but I only consider art to be "explicit", so the fanfiction is open for perusal. In other words, you don't need to friend me to read.
  12. I do not check ages when I friend, but this may change if the rules change.
  13. Adult topics which are non-explicit (politics, relgion, sex which is non-descriptive/pictoral) are not locked.

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