Date: 2013-03-15 08:58 am (UTC)
phoenixmetaphor: sketchy tony (Default)
*slinks in with late reply*

Oftentimes I'm pretty sad I missed out on most of the pre-movie Steve/Tony fandom. I was mostly an Xmen girl at the time, with a few Vertigo titles to spice things up. Keeping track of the Xmen was exhaustive (and expensive) enough :p But though I came to the Avengers (and Steve/Tony) late, I find the 616 back issues to be the home of the characters/characterizations I love the most. And it is really hard to find anything relating to those characters in the current fandom without just diving into cap-ironman's archives.

... of course, the current state of 616 really isn't helping. Some of it is 'the MCU is coming from inside the house' stuff going on with things like the introduction of 616!Coulson and Nick Fury Jr. A ton of it is the fact that I find Iron Man's solo title completely unreadable. In my more vindictive moments, I'm really sorry I didn't get involved in Avengers sooner so I'd have the satisfaction of taking it off my pull list and removing my support for it, instead of just hanging around with my ear to the ground hoping that one day it'll be a comic I'd want to buy.

In the meantime, Marvel continues to be terrible at reprinting things in TPB. Still no on the second Tony drinking arc/first time off the wagon storyline-- but they reprinted the abusive boyfriend sentient armor story twice. Good to know you have your priorities in order. (I've been really slowly working on a Steve/Tony slanted TBP guide. It started as a checklist for myself. idk that I'll ever finish, but it keeps me reading old TBPs).

I promised myself I would never be that comic 'fan' who sticks around even though they hate everything but Marvel is doing their damnest to turn me into that fan.

So I'll just continue to wallflower. Luckily for me I have my rp partner to keep me engaged with the Steve and Tony that I adore.
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