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I'm home. I've actually been home since last Tuesday night, but finding time to sit down and type up a DW entry has been a pain. I left out around 7-ish AM and arrived home around 9-ish PM, which wasn't too bad for having to make a bajillion stops. See, the kittens are at the Escape ALL THE THINGS stage, and it turns out that there's few things more terrifying than going 80MPH down a highway and checking your rear view to see a kitten in your back window. AHHHHH. But we made it home, everyone's safe and snug, family driving me to contemplate murder, etc. So pretty much SNAFU. Which I've just decided needs to be a tag.

Kittens do well, and I really do need to take more pictures of them. They actually look like kittens now instead of rodents! Working on getting them weaned, because Duzie looks so pathetic whenever they nurse with their sharp little kitten teeth. So far, no dice. I'm keeping a close eye on them because the ever-present flea problem is still a problem, but flea combing is the best thing I can do right now. I need to chat with a vet about if some medication I have is safe for them. The box says it is, but I'd rather ask first.

There's been some (a lot) of family drama. Zello had to be put down while I was gone. :\ She had flea anemia terribly, and it just got to be too much. Just before I left she'd had a blood transfusion, and apparently the meds they were giving her weren't enough to keep the fleas from sucking her dry. Since she'd just had a transfusion, she couldn't have another one. I want to say that my family must have done everything they could, but IDK. I don't really trust my family to do anything these days. I do know that our fleas can get really bad, though, and it wouldn't shock me if they've turned resistant to flea meds.

Papa seems to be doing well, which is a damned good thing. Apparently Mary'd been lying to me about making sure he gets to his appointments (he missed the last four! WTF), and he hadn't been getting his blood thinners. D: I know damned well that I put them in his pill caddy every two weeks, which means either he's not been taking them or someone's been messing with his medicine. I don't want to go accusing Mary of anything, but she was already lying to me about the appointments, and I know she doesn't like him on that particular medication. (yanks hair) And of course everyone's decided it's all my fault, because I'm magically supposed to be able to take a day off every two weeks or more for Papa's appointments, and I must have just not been filling his pills right no matter what I say or how many people see me do it. (headdesk)

On the plus side, there's apparently a way to get Papa to the appointments? The VA will send a bus if he doesn't have transportation. The flip side of that is that the only time/place when that option is available is to the person answering the reminder call. Which is Mary, because it comes to the house during the weekday. And the only way to get that call to come to my cellphone is for someone to march Papa to the counter at the VA and have him tell them to change the phone number. So either way, I'm going to have to take a day off, but hopefully I can get this sorted out. Because if I can't, I'm going to have to call Emma or my Mom and just tell them that I give up. I'm |_| close to doing that as it is, because I can work around Mary's tantrums but if she's messing with Papa's medication then someone needs to slap sense into her and she won't listen to me. At the very least, she really needs someone here all day, because a few days ago she microwaved a fork (in a brand new microwave GDI), and I really, really cannot afford to replace things she breaks at this pace. I'm down $200 I can't afford as it is because of this mess (Emma was complaining that she bought tile/etc and would never be paid back, and apparently no one asked you to buy us stuff is not a satisfactory answer. Then there's the microwave, but that got put on credit; I can pay it off in February when I have money again.) I'm also trying to figure out a convenient way to unplug the oven, because I'm starting to worry that she'll burn the place down because she forgets she's cooking.

Speaking of broken things, this thing with her doing half-assed jobs to save money isn't new! While they're here, Emma & co took it upon themselves to retile the back bathroom and buy a new toilet, naturally roping me into helping. In the process, we discovered that apparently ten or more years ago that toilet started leaking, which resulted in a nice dip of rotting wood under it. Instead of, oh, fixing it, Mary glued the crack shut and stuck a piece of wood under the toilet to keep it from rocking, incidentally leaving the damp, rotting, bowed in wood exactly where it was. So we go to move the toilet to tile under it and lo! There is rot. Which started a two day mission to fix the floor, tile the bathroom and install the new toilet. Fun times. (Not so much.) The back hall is also getting tiled, but it's not done yet. It was carpet, but... Ick. Almost 30 years old and having survived several incontinent children, dogs and adults, it was... Yeah. The wood floor underneath is stained.


And finally, I was finally informed that my cousin Leasha is in the hospital on a ventilator. I don't even know what's wrong with her, because whenever I ask I get a mumbled "we'll talk about it later" and then a whole lot of silence. I suspect I'm "not old enough" to know, which is bad news. (Old enough to be left to take care of Mary and Papa on my own and be yelled at when I can't keep up, but not old enough to know Leasha's status? Right.) Leasha has a long history of drug and alcohol problems, so it really could be anything under the sun. She and I haven't been close (even though she lives only about 30 miles away, she doesn't visit because Mary doesn't like her drinking), but I really want to know what's going on, even if only to brace for the worst. I'm hoping that when I talk to Mom she'll have more info for me. Somehow people forget that she and I actually have a decent relationship. We talk. She tells me important stuff, and I tell important stuff to her. Shocking. One way or another, I'll find out.

Other than all of the above, I've been trying to read through the Cap/IM exchange fics. So much awesome. I've been really busy, but they're little bright spots when I can sit down. Cuddling kittens is an A+ way to relax, too. And I go back to work on Tuesday, which means a temporary escape.

Anyway, such was my return home. :\ Happy New Year, I guess. 2011 sucked, so with any luck 2012 will be different. Of course, I said that at the end of 2010. D:

Normally I do some sort of end of the year writing summary, but so much of my writing this year wasn't published, it would just be a mess to work it out. D: I'm just going to have to crack on finishing/posting stories for a while.
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