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This week? This week has SUCKED.

Next week will suck worse.

I could probably spend AGES going about how bad my week was, but I'll summarize.

Home life: cousin who was driving Papa back home got two broken legs in an RV fire on the way. And then? She drive from Texas to Florida on them. So Papa is home. In a house with no main A/C. (Window units have finally been installed in Papa's room and the living room.) So cousin Louise of the Tits of Vibranium is going to be here for a while. She and I don't get along well. We don't argue, but she disapproves of my attitude, so it's a little tense sometimes. Right now she's being shockingly understanding, which I think is the fault of the Vicoden.

More home: I am staying at my uncle's place ATM (same property, different building). Mary keeps saying she's going to cut off the power, to which I am replying that I'm tired of paying to be her maid. Currently looks like I will be moving out. I feel horrible about leaving Papa, but I'm fed up. Brought cats down here, against Mary's wishes (and with much drama) because Louise's dogs were keeping them out of the living room, and I'm not going to let them suffer back in my bedroom with no air. Just no.

Moving: If I move, I will probably be sharing a place with Devon, who is the bodybuilder cousin. She's not as unbearable as the rest of the family. Split costs = happy Faerii.

Pain: Tooth still aches. Swelling is thankfully minimal, and seems to be subsiding. I'm getting by on alcohol, generic tylenol and aspirin. Soft foods abound.

Work: (twitches) Overtime all over and too many emergencies to handle at once so they have to be sorted for "most important" down to "can wait until tomorrow". Next week I am due to work at least three 12 hour shifts, possibly five if needed (I suspect they will be). Huzzah overtime, boo exhaustion. Next week is when classes start, so this is going to be interesting.

Dad: Called on Wednesday. Wanted me to make a website for him. He didn't have time to talk when I called on father's day, but he has time to call me at work during this week to ask a favor? And then got pissy when I said I can't? Fuck him.

Wincon: Have plenty of money saved, and all of this overtime is going to that too. Even if I have to dip into my savings for security/pet deposits, I will have ample funds for Wincon Week, tattoos and all the alcohol I can drink. Hell, if I move someplace reasonable, I will actually be saving money on gas. If I don't split with Devon, I can probably still break even and live much more comfortably.

Writing: Has just not been happening. I'm way too tired for it. D: D: D: D: Hopefully after next week I'll be able to sit down and pound out some works, but I'm not betting on it.
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