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And this is why we're so awesome. Because we're srs writers.

[personal profile] valtyr:
Still gotta write the pregnancy story where there is no weeping and no one is a pathetic woobie and there is now Pregnant and Alone

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:

[personal profile] valtyr:
lol what
Steve pregnant and thrilled and Tony equal parts thrilled and alarmed!
Or Ult Steve, Pregnant and Alone and refusing to woobie, SHIELD has excellent childcare and family services available

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
I am :( at the Pregnant and Alone
But he would refuse to woobie

[personal profile] valtyr:
Gail did it and he can too. >:[

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
Though Gail had Bucky :(

[personal profile] valtyr:
And he will not be Alone for long. Only til Tony realises he did not get an abortion as he thought they were all agreed on
It's sort of implied Bucky didn't know about the baby, I though
When they're being moved by SHIELD Bucky is all 'eh?' and Gail is 'let's just go along with this sweetie'

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
I thought Bucky was there with her when she was getting the "Go'mint takin' yer babby" speech

[personal profile] valtyr:
I didn't think so, but I'd have to check
Oh well. The point is, Steve would face it with stern determination

[personal profile] valtyr:
he can be a single parent!

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
Lots of other people do it!
He can be strong
A good example for the little one

[personal profile] valtyr:
People in much worse situations than he is
besides, a baby will be company
(This is probably not a healthy attitude)
(World's most terrifying helicopter parent?)

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
Steve will learn about attachment parenting
Fear him

[personal profile] valtyr:
He's planning to carry the baby about in a sling

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
The first villain who makes him set his baby down shall pay mightily. After that, villains are surprisingly scarce

[personal profile] valtyr:
He may demand Fury give him a SHIELD escort for the sole purpose of having the baby handed to them when Steve needs to jump through a window
He plans to consult with the womanly wisdom of Jan and Wanda. It's lucky this will never have to happen

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
Steve can hand the baby to them. He just will never get it back

[personal profile] valtyr:
And sadly they know little about babies, so they will be like chimps playing with a dolls
omg precious turn it upside down and shake it! :D

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
Steve = Nooooooooo~ (dives)

[personal profile] valtyr:
Tony will return before things reach that stage
When Steve starts to show

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
It is hard to miss it when Steve starts getting tubby around the middle. That is not something you expect to happen to Captain America!

[personal profile] valtyr:
And Tony knows there was, at one point, a pregnancy
He just thought it was over

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
Not continuing D:

[personal profile] valtyr:
what is even happening and why was he kept out of the loop?

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
He was kept out because he wanted Stto abort their baby D:<
Where did the other letters go?

[personal profile] valtyr:
Steve didn't say he wanted to keep it!

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
Steve didn't say he didn't want to either >:(
Tony just assumed

[personal profile] valtyr:
There was a whole meeting! Fury was there! Steve agreed it was the most sensible option!

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
Using doors instead of fourth story windows is also the most sensible option
What is Tony's point, please?

[personal profile] valtyr:
Tony's point is that he didn't want Steve to abort their baby
It wasn't an active desire
He wasn't all abortion is awesome
Just... well, it was sensible.
Tony uses doors.
It's not because he thinks doors are awesome
He just... uses doors.

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
But Steve doesn't use doors Tny
That is the point of all this
Steve voluntarily leaps through windows

[personal profile] valtyr:
And Tony is fine with that"

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
Then he should not be surprised when Steve chose the window this time

[personal profile] valtyr:
Tony is the last person to mind if people leap through windows
Tony would like to point out that Steve does also do sensible things
It's not like he eats balloons for breakfast and tapdances to work

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
But this is not a balloon. It is a window. And he's jumping through it. :|

[personal profile] valtyr:
Tony can hardly be expected to assume Steve will always choose the path of maximum novelty
Tony is fine with Steve jumping through this window, he just thought they were getting breakfast
Rather than exiting a room

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
Steve wants to exit. He is determined :|
(will keep the window metaphor going all day if necessary)

[personal profile] valtyr:
Tony is happy for him to exit! If Tony had known Steve wanted to jump out of the window, Tony would not have minded at all. He would have supported Steve in this endeavour
Instead of leaving by the door and waiting outside.
All alone.
It would have been nice if they could have left the room together

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
Tony did not ask. He just left out the door
And assumed Steve would follow
Instead of window jumping

[personal profile] valtyr:
There was a meeting
At which the impression was strongly given that the door had been decided upon
Steve could have declared his preference for the window at any time
Sure, Tony jumped to a door conclusion - because he thought this was more of a breakfast choice, and he didn't want to make Steve eat balloons - but he would have been open to window suggestions.

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
:( Steve feels that Tony did not even consider the window option
Why should Steve say anything when Tony's mind is made up?
It's Steve's Window to jump

[personal profile] valtyr:
Steve is the tactical genius, and Tony often takes his advice on exit routes
It may ultimately be Steve's window or door to decide between, but Tony would like to go with him. :(

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
:( Tony can still jump out the window with Steve
He hasn't finished leaping yet

[personal profile] valtyr:
That is really all Tony wants, and it would have been nice not to find out about the window by accident. They have wasted precious leaping time.

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
The leaping cannot precisely be rushed
It will take care of itself

[personal profile] valtyr:
Yes, but Tony wants to enjoy the leap in Steve's company
Not only show up for impact

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
Steve barely has a foot out the window
There is plenty of time yet for impact

[personal profile] valtyr:
He is showing
Or - whatever that is in window speak
He's almost halfway out, or down

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
His rearis still on the sill!
He hasn't even begun to fall yet
Tony can rush to catch up

[personal profile] valtyr:
Still, Tony is sad to have missed any of it
This window is best done with company

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
Then that is what he gets for assuming breakfast instead of windows
Next time, he will have to remember to think a little harder!

[personal profile] valtyr:
Well, also perhaps Steve could suggest windows. Tony will promise to listen!

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
:( Steve will remember to mention windows next time, if Tony remembers to not assume Breakfast

[personal profile] valtyr:
Well, that's not fair! If Tony doesn't assume breakfast, Steve will not need to mention windows. Can't they just agree to try?
They are going to be parents, Steve
They both need to do their bests.
For the baby
Or window, if Steve prefers

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
Besides, there will probably not be another window
What were the odds of this one?

[personal profile] valtyr:
Well, there may be other situations that can be analogised to windows

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
Steve will try to remember to mention windows :( As long as he thinks Tony will not be D:< and determined to use a door

[personal profile] valtyr:
In which they will need to work together

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
Steve did not really want to jump alone :(

[personal profile] valtyr:
Well, Tony does not know why Steve would think that
Really, when is Tony ever D:<
Tony is not sure his face will make that shape
Tony will probably judge this an ideal time to instigate snuggling

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
Steve was afraid he would D:
Tony has never been surprised by window-jumping this way (that Steve is aware of)
It can shock a person, to find out there may be windows in their future

[personal profile] valtyr:
And maybe some ill-advised assurances Steve will never have to be alone

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
Steve will remember
And hold him to it

[personal profile] valtyr:
Steve should never assume Tony will be D:<
Windows are a surprise, but Tony is adaptable
He would never force anyone to leave by a door if they wanted to jump out a window
It's not like he can't afford a glazier
Even if he'd been reluctant to jump himself

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
Most people would say that Tony is not the window-jumping type
But he can learn!
and he will learn, for Steve and their-- er, window.

[personal profile] valtyr:
Their window will want for nothing
Polished daily! Tasteful drapes!

[personal profile] tsukinofaerii:
It will have only the best curtains
And a reinforced glazing to protect it

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