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Apparently once a week is all you're getting from me. ._. Burned out Faerii is burned out, I guess. Even reading is sort meh. D: I have no real excuses, and will be bludgeoning myself into getting back on track. Finish re-reading DfaD by Friday, and then start on the edits this weekend. I will not actually get money until Monday, so I have no excuse to go out and do other things.

Speaking of money, taxes filed! I got my W-2 form yesterday and filed on the same day. It's sadly easy for me. One source of income and no deductions? BOOM. Just keep filling in $0 until I'm told to submit. If everything goes through and nothing happens to suck the money up, I may be able to purchase a storage drive, some new work clothes, and put the rest towards my credit card. Of course, last year I thought something similar, and ended up paying out the nose for Zena's surgery, so I have no plans to get attached to it. If I can actually pay off my card sometime soon, I might just start socking those payments into my IRA (which has been languishing at $40 because I can never afford to put anything into it, and I kind of would like to not die on the job at 92).

I had an older student yell at me yesterday because of my government-paid pension, health care and salary. I was torn between laughter and rage. I do not have a pension, health care or high salary, even though they're mandated for full-time employees, because paperwork shenanigans keep me legally classified as a temp worker. So before you tell someone off, make sure that they're not stuck in the same boat you are. And, you knowm instead of trying to take nice things away from the people who have them, why not insist that they be made more available? >:[

In more fanficcy stuff, [personal profile] valtyr wants me to write utter crack for a bang. Of course. Will think on it. NaNo and her auction fic come first! (Yes, she is encouraging me to write other fic while an auction fic she bought from me languishes. IDGI.) On the other hand, we really, really need an earth shattering nothing-will-ever-be-the-same Event where Loki marries Doom and they have an adorable little godlet daughter while simultaneously reshaping the face of international politics with Latveria's incredible socially progressive laws. And, incidentally, Loki and Doom being drenched with sappy adorableness.

I really, really need to stop reading my old fics. D: The urge to rewrite what has been written is tremendous. Why did no one tell me that the first vamp!Tony story blew? D: I know, I know, people like it, I'm just picky because I'm the author, etc. It still makes my editing fingers itch. Reading it is a good reminder of what I'd dropped though. The sequel needs soooo much work. D:

In knitting news, I am down to just inches and inches of knit-a-row, purl-a-row. It's nice and mindless, TBH. Not neat, but practice is working on that.

And that has been your State of the Faerii.
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