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I really. Really. Really detest IT.

Okay. I'm back from WinCon and I had a blast. (Shall post on that laters. I need to run around collecting pics and permissions.) Anyway, while I was gone, I was supposed to get Windows 7 installed on my work machine. I was running XP, most of the students were on 7, and the OS are different enough that it makes things confusing. Plus, my machine hadn't been upgraded since the stone age, and while it worked well enough, it pays to keep up with these things. Unfortunately, the scheduled update didn't happen. IT managed to fuck over the systems in general while I was gone, so my boss had been dealing with that all week. It's no problem, really. I can do a simple upgrade myself, I had already backed up everything important. No sweat. So I got the installation disk and got to installing.

My monitor stopped working.

Okay, I have two monitors. It wasn't the end of the world. I could wait to have it fixed. I really need two, but I managed to hobble along. I did a but of poking and figured out that the problem was with the driver for my graphics card. Simple. All I needed to do was crack my tower, see what sort of card I have, go to the website, and download. But I was feeling lazy, and this really isn't my job. So, like a genius, I called IT yesterday.

Big mistake.

The first thing he did was repeat everything I had already done, including verifying that the monitor wasn't broken, reinstalling the driver that was already on there, etc. I explained 1) what the problem was, 2) how I had attempted to fix it and not succeeded and 3) what I had figured out about how to fix it. No effect. An hour, wasted on him repeating my work. So then he finally cracks open the case, and we find out that I am running two graphics cards. This is, according to him, impossible. Okay then. Also, one of my cards was from 1999, which is probably what was causing the problem. Not only that, but my computer had only 512 MB of RAM, and was old enough that it would be prohibitively expensive to get more memory for it. A decision was made: chuck the old thing and get me a shiny new one. Except there were a couple of problems.

He would install it on the Network.

He would put a standard faculty/staff image on it.

I have always been off the network, because I need absolute control of my computer. I cannot afford for IT to give/remove my permissions, to block me out of things, to control my settings, to upgrade me at a whim... No. Just no. At one point, they pushed IE8 beta onto the whole school, and the fallout took us weeks to work through because Blackboard was very not compatible with IE8 beta yet. I have to be able to change my computer as needed.

The standard image... (shudders) Well. What they do to install a Standard Image is to strip the system entirely, and then install only their "approved" parts of the OS, configured to their specifications. These specifications do not include drivers (including the DVD read/write, among others), nor programs for burning to DVD, half of MS Office, Firefox, anything having to do with accessibility, the card games (I like my Spider Solitaire, okay?), etc. What it does include are things like Aleks Math Zone (for students taking basic math), Sharepoint, Silverlight, iTunes and Rasphody (which are then blocked on the network level) and similar fluff.

I protested. Loudly. Bless me, I managed to avoid using curse words somehow. Alas, he couldn't understand why I didn't want a standard image (I was trying to avoid saying that it's a piece of shit), and he could not figure out how to install a standard image without putting it on the network. (twitch) That was when I realized that not only am I dealing with an asshole, I am also dealing with an idiot. But okay. Whatever, fine. I told him to set it up. I'd fix everything when he was done. Just make the computer work. All I need are a static IP address and updates/remote access turned off.

What? he said. You don't need a static IP address. (The "you silly girl" was not stated, but was present.)

Um, yes, I do. You see, I work with about five different servers remotely, and three of them require me to have a specific IP address. Cannot do that with a dynamic.

Oh, well, he said, you didn't have one before. You have to do it manually downstairs and you didn't.

No, you don't have to do it manually, and yes I did have a static IP. I work with Blackboard. What kind of security would we have if anyone at all could remote into the SQL servers, hm? And I'm here as the backup for the sysadmin, so I damned well need to be able to remote into those servers.

That argument continued for a while until he finally gave in, probably just to shut me up. But then he started in on how IT couldn't possibly support my computer if they couldn't access and update it remotely. WTF, you snotrag, you never did before, why the fuck would you now? So we fought over that. I won, eventually, and he sat down to, you know, actually work. When I left at 5 o'clock, it was still being worked on. Everything was installed and running smoothly.

Except for my second fucking monitor.


So. Went home. Ate a pretty good bowl of chicken and dumplings. Tried not to think about what they were likely doing to my computer back at the office.

Then, I got in this morning. My tower is sitting on the floor and my light was on. No, they hadn't been in yet, they'd just left it like that. (twitch) Turned on my computer and... low and behold, the second monitor works. As a fucking clone. Not an extended desktop, but an exact mirror of each other. Not only that, but I still don't have my static IP, and I don't have permissions to fix it, meaning I am screwed until I get can get someone in here to fix it, and at this rate that will either take until the next Ice Age or it will again make things worse.

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