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Visiting Papa, and he's taking a snooze. Soooo... Hello LJ & DW! I should have brought my laptop. Then I could have worked on Pepper/Natasha. (My phone's autocorrect is weird. It keeps trying to change "Pepper" to "leper", even though Pepper is a perfectly good dictionary word.)

I am about to ramble at you, because I am bored and the book I brought is not entrancing enough to keep me entertained.

I'm having trouble with Natasha and Pepper. Just a little. It's trying to turn into an author tract on how Pepper and Tony don't work as a couple. :[ I am firm in my "Pepper deserves better" stance, but it's difficult to reconcile with Tony/Steve. It helps that Tony/Steve so frequently goes up (and down) in flames. It also heps that Tony in comic!verse tends to be a bit more mature than movie!verse. He's screwed up enough times that he's a lot more wary of doing it again. (Not that this helps. It just means that when he screws up, it's in much bigger ways.)

Steve deserves better too, really. He's just in less of a position to be the bait in a trap when the shit inevitably hits the fan. I hope we get Rescue in movie!verse, unlikely as it is. Then, my quibbles will be annihilated. Well, other than a brief mourning period for the Happy/Pepper that never was.

Damn you, Fraction, for the squicky Iron Dubcon. -_-* IHU SO HARD for that.

Anyway, fic is currently about 3.5k in, and we are at the "everyone in this fic but Rhodey and Happy are queer" point of revelations. I'm actually kind of having fun explaining that though I am waffling a bit on Natasha. SHIELD is not technically a military organization right? It's more CIA-esque? Which means DADT doesnt affect them, I think. I hope. I should look that up when I have a moment.

(With any luck, all of my efforts to take DADT into account will be thoroughly Jossed before this is posted. Though I am a bit mrrrmble at the war funding bill its being attached to, mostly because I am annoyed that it's not being placed in the budget ro be accounted for as normal. I could be mistaken about that, though. I've not exactly been following the news close lately.)

[Attention span of a gnat] Oh! I got my hair trimmed. I have bangs again! Kissed goodbye to four inches, and now I have to wrangle it into submission whenever it gets damp. Usually the weight keeps it straight-ish, but it's not working this time, and so I wake up looking like a long-haired poodle. Grrrr. Maybe it's the humidity. It's 60% right now, according to my phone.

I am in love with Hard Candy makeup. So pretty! [/attention span of a gnat]

Maybe after the femslash, I'll write the follow-up to Without Irony. I'm very mrmmmmmble about that. I didn't like leaving it there, really, but what do you do when your POV character self-destructs like that? Sudden ending was sudden. :( But one fic to wrap it up should be enough. It's not like Dying for a Drink or This Woman's War, which could pretty well go on forever with the way I butchered the status quo. Irony is about restoring the status quo, so it's pretty limited in potential. 20k, maybe 30k and it'll be a wrap. I hope.

And then vampires. I am terrified of the Xanatos Scheme that's going to force me to craft. I've never made one. D: But there's no way Celicia and Erzabet will keep out of the way for long. Especially not with Certain Plot Twists coming up.

Okay, I am out of ramble, and Papa awakens. Probably to use the restroom. Icky.

Date: 2010-05-31 10:32 am (UTC)
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I think maybe it's that Pepper kind of puts up with Tony, whereas Steve and Tony have more give-and-take; partly it might be the fact Pepper's an employee, so she's also obliged to put up with him. I don't hate the pairing, but in canon it's very one-sided.

SHIELD is not military, pretty sure. Espionage and law enforcement.

If you would like to read some good Xanatos scheming, read some Timothy Zahn. In Outbound Flight I was just :O as the intricate plots all unfolded.

Glad to hear your Grandpa is doing good!
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Date: 2010-05-31 10:14 pm (UTC)
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Tony's idea of forming a friendship is to try and employ said person, so.

Timothy Saunders, got it.

Noooo you don't. :D


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