Dec. 16th, 2010

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Finally returned the doggy home! (collapse) Google Maps hated me. It shot me past the right address by about a mile, and traffic was terrible enough that turning around was hard. D: But doggy is returned, and all is well with at least one world. The owner seemed happy enough, at least.

Yesterday we had our holiday party at work. TL;DR, free food. Omnomnom. I sat with the two people I share a wall with, so it avoided most of the awkwardness that comes from attending office parties with people you largely don't know.

In spite of free food, yesterday was so boring that I actually got excited about paying my bills. :| I told myself that I would take a brief break from writing in order to Renew Myself. I'm finding out that Renewing Myself is Bullshit. I don't know what to do with myself when I'm not writing or avoiding writing. D: At least at home, there are Other Things to do. At work? LOL, nothing. We're so dead right now. I may even go watch the Daily Show in order to pass time. (Usually I avoid things like that at work.)

Heck, maybe I'll even start editing my NaNo. Or go beg for a new [community profile] fanbingo card. Troll the Meme That Shall Not Be Named? Something!

D: So very booooooored.


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