Oct. 25th, 2010

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The Fell Beast of IT has been defeated! (wields sword) YAH. They left me with a network-based account, a standard image and "admin rights". (Though IDK what the fuck they think "admin rights" are, because I couldn't even install Adblock!) Through careful and personal application of an entirely new installation of everything, I have regained control of my work PC, down to and including the static IP that IT still insists I neither had nor need. If IT wants any control of this PC, they're going to have to come down here and get either myself or my boss to sign in for them. There's not even a guest account.

(is smug)

In other, more terrifying news, I shall again be participating in that annual round of pain called NaNoWriMo. I ended up writing Dying for a Drink (AKA, that one where Tony becomes a vampire) last time I tried it, and I think that came out pretty well. This year, I think I'll write the sequel. I haven't actually outlined it yet, but I have a fairly good idea of what happens in it, for the most part, so all I have to do is whip out a plan to ignore, and I'll be set.

A huge part of what got me through last year was daily updates to my Flist. Nothing like having to publicly admit failure to get those fingers typing! So consider this a warning that I'm going to be spamming my circle for a month. The format is going to be similar to last time, where I posted my total word count, my count for the day, an except of what I'd written and also generally whined about how hard it is. Sometimes, there would be double posts as I just played with the characters and generally procrastinated.

I would appreciate any sort of encouragement or browbeating you all would like to give. ♥


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