Oct. 21st, 2010

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I really. Really. Really detest IT.

Okay. I'm back from WinCon and I had a blast. (Shall post on that laters. I need to run around collecting pics and permissions.) Anyway, while I was gone, I was supposed to get Windows 7 installed on my work machine. I was running XP, most of the students were on 7, and the OS are different enough that it makes things confusing. Plus, my machine hadn't been upgraded since the stone age, and while it worked well enough, it pays to keep up with these things. Unfortunately, the scheduled update didn't happen. IT managed to fuck over the systems in general while I was gone, so my boss had been dealing with that all week. It's no problem, really. I can do a simple upgrade myself, I had already backed up everything important. No sweat. So I got the installation disk and got to installing.

My monitor stopped working.

Okay, I have two monitors. It wasn't the end of the world. I could wait to have it fixed. I really need two, but I managed to hobble along. I did a but of poking and figured out that the problem was with the driver for my graphics card. Simple. All I needed to do was crack my tower, see what sort of card I have, go to the website, and download. But I was feeling lazy, and this really isn't my job. So, like a genius, I called IT yesterday.
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