Jul. 29th, 2009 10:27 am
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You know, I hate being harsh to people. Really, I do. Even when it's necessary. I kind of suck at it, actually, in some pretty spectacular ways. Which is why I hate having to make this post. This actually has nothing to do with most of you, but it seems like people like to track me down after years and years, and I feel like I need to say something about appropriate methods.

General statement, fandom =/= personal life =/= professional life. Sometimes they mesh, yes, and this can be wonderful and fun when it happens. That's great. But there are limits, especially seeing as I work at a school, which is surprisingly less liberal than you'd expect.

Some of you know my RL name, or enough about me to find it. Whether it's through school, an e-mail, a convention, etc, the information is out there. I even have a super-special locked post with all my contact information in case I go incommunicado and someone panics. If you actually have access to this, it's because I trust you not to misuse it. I mostly have no problem with having only a thin layer between RL/Online, because we're all adults or at least adult-like people, and I sincerely thought that was enough. Seems like it's not.

My family mostly knows that a good number of my hobbies fall into the "it's about anime/manga/movies/books/comics and you really don't want to know anything else" category. Some of them don't, notably my grandparents. My bosses know that I'm fannish in a vague "she has interesting posters and occasionally takes time off to go to conventions" sort of way. I don't post much about either, because I try to keep those parts of my life in separate boxes in my head. It keeps things organized, and I don't have to deal with the fallout of "you write what" from anyone.

Big rule: If you have or can find my RL information, for the love of all that's ever been dear to you, do not contact me via work in relation to fandom things. Don't even mention fandom things in vague proximity to my official capacity as an employee of a community college. No yaoi/slash. No pairings. No wank, or tropes or fics. There's other ways to contact me. USE THEM. They're not always fast, granted, and I may or may not ignore it depending on the situation, but they exist. I have a personal e-mail, a cell phone, a home number, LJ, FFN... any one of these is enough and will reach me eventually. The next time I have to explain to Beth from IT what a fandom-specific term means because the word caught in the e-mail filter, heads are going to roll. I'm damn lucky that the HP movie just came out and she didn't know the significance of the slash identifier.

In other words, unless specifically stated otherwise, what happens in fandom stays in fandom.


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